About Me 

I am a proud graduate of Northern Illinois University with a degree in Visual Communications and a minor in Marketing. My passion is design, and I expose myself to good design as much as possible through reading, web surfing, regularly traveling to Chicago and having studied abroad in Poland. I also have an interest in marketing. I am always looking for new and interesting strategies to use for my clients and personal brand.

I am currently working as the Director of Creative Services for the Iowa Wild. Being the only designer on staff, I have had the privilege of working on all types of projects which includes graphics for our website, social media, email marketing, giveaway items, game worn jerseys and much more! In addition to my design work I also manage our part-time graphic design intern, gameday photographer, giveaway premium items, video department and our relationship with the marketing firm Trilix.

Outside of design I love to travel as much as possible. I’ve been to over 25 states and 5 different countries. I think it is important to develop as a person and as a designer by exposing yourself to as many different cultures as possible. I’m also a huge sports fan of almost all Chicago teams (Bears, Wolves, Blackhawks, Cubs, Bulls) along with the Brooklyn Nets, Minnesota Wild and Tampa Bay Buccaneers.




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